Are you struggling to prioritise your time?

  • Would you get more done if you stopped relying on memory for your next task?
  • Are projects overdue more than you’d like?
  • Is multitasking effecting the quality of your work?
  • Do you block time on your calendar for focused work but something always crops up?
  • Are urgent tasks on your to-do list for weeks, but they’re delivered just on time?

The problem is you’re not prioritising your tasks, so your time isn’t being used effectively.

You’re already working hard enough, but you’re not focusing on the work that’s important for business. Here is the problem:

  1. You’re getting wrapped up in the flood of emails, a bloated tangle of spreadsheets, and a desk covered in post-it notes.
  2. You have no system to deal with incoming work, it gets pushed to the side and you spend all of your time fire-fighting, rushing from one “latest and loudest” emergency to the next. 
  3. You’re not using resources you already have effectively. You feel held back while opportunities that will push the business forward are slipping by because you simply don’t have the time or resources to take advantage of them.

The good news is, simple automations can save you an hour or more in your day. Get more done, in less time, and with less effort.

If you spend time doing the same tasks, and don’t know how to use automations to win back time and get more done, you should download my Beginner’s Guide to Personal Productivity Applications.

Kind words from previous clients

Automation is the first step towards success for my clients. But it’s tailored productivity coaching where clients have gone on to get much more done in less time with less effort:

Clear focus, better structure

Find your most productive hours and structure your day around your most important tasks. Learn to stop jumping from one task to the next and back, you can more done with focused effort.

Chris’s productivity coaching improved my efficiency. I used to drown in emails, and wrestle with inefficient processes, but Chris has totally revolutionised how I structure my day. I’m much more efficient, and I’m much better at leaving work at work.
— Peter Allen, Managing Director at Enact Solutions.

Complete control of your day

Manage your new, incoming workload, know when your next project is due, and give a client a due date you know you can deliver on.

I am working more efficiently than before and I feel in control of what I do day to day.  It is more than a productivity asset for a business: it is potentially a method for surviving and thriving in the modern world. This is no overstatement.
— Andy Clennell, Owner of Clennell Custom Brass.

About Chris

Hi! I’m Christopher Beaumont and I’ve been teaching time management techniques and coaching productivity for over 15 years. Through experience and experimenting with systems, software, tools and psychology I help great companies do great work for their clients in less time and with less effort so they can do even more. 

What started as a personal productivity challenge at my first corporate job turned into an on-going obsession with getting stuff done with as little mental and physical effort as possible.

After a year of researching, testing, adapting and re-testing I ended up with a comprehensive system that finally delivered what I wanted:

Chris Beaumont Productivity Consulting
  • My email inbox went down to zero and stayed there - despite routinely getting between 70 and 100 new emails every day.
  • Everything that I had to do was under control. I could walk out of the office knowing that every client order and every other project was on schedule.
  • Weekends and holidays actually became weekends and holidays again. Just like everyone else.

I've worked with clients in diverse sectors including engineering, retail, learning and development, and more. We work together to create bespoke solutions, not imposing one particular time management system, productivity methodology or application.

I consider it my mission in life to help great businesses get much more done in less time with less effort.

What are you waiting for?

Save time, reduce effort, and get more done today.