This has been a revelation; I am now working far more efficiently than before and actually feel in control of what I do day to day.

This is perhaps more profound than a productivity asset for a business: it is potentially a method for surviving and thriving in the modern world. This is no overstatement.
— Andy Clennell, Clennell Custom Brass


You’re very good at what you do but the systems that you’ve used in the past to manage everything just haven’t kept pace. What used to work well is now a ceaseless flood of flagged emails, a bloated tangle of spreadsheets and a desk covered in post-it notes.

You spend all of your time fire-fighting, rushing from one “latest and loudest” emergency to the next.

Now all of this is just holding you back. In the meantime opportunities are slipping by because you simply don’t have the time or resources to take advantage of them.

Growth is stalling because you know that the only way to move forward is to get more done but you just don’t know how. Sales are lost because someone on your team forgot to forward that all important email and you missed the deadline for submitting your proposal. You’ve missed another delivery deadline on an order for a major client just because someone forgot to order a vital component in time.  

You’re becoming increasingly distracted from what you do best - the core of your business that’s got you this far in the first place. You need new and better productivity solutions individually and across your team to move to the next level.

But investing thousands in a new all-singing, all-dancing CRM only to discover after months of investment and training that it doesn’t have the one critical feature that your company really needs is a recipe for disaster.

Employing new people can be an equally risky, expensive and lengthy process and you know that productivity will probably drop until they get up to speed.

There is a better way.

There’s no need for complex project management approaches with lots of unnecessary acronyms and labels. You don’t want to have to spend time updating vast Gantt charts. You don’t want different approaches for each part of your business or to fight against software that forces you to work the way it wants to whether that’s right for you or not. 

You just want to get more done.

How we help you

We start by analyzing your specific challenges, working with you to develop the right strategic approach to productivity for the whole of your business and everyone in it. We want to know about the great work that you do and what makes your business unique in your marketplace. We want to find out about the people in your company; what they do and how they want to do it. This helps us to build solutions that meet the long-term needs of your business that everyone is comfortable using, rather than just giving you short-term, quick-fix "tips and tricks" that you can find elsewhere in two minutes.

We’ll guide you through the maze of time management methodologies and hundreds of software applications to find the tools that are just the right fit for you. You can get rid of the whiteboards, post-its, meeting notes and printed spreadsheets. After all you've only got so much space on your office wall.

We develop productivity systems for you, your team and your company that together with targeted coaching and training will ensure that you can take off the productivity handbrake allowing you to go to the next level and then the one after that.

And we’ll do that in a way that actually reduces your stress levels. No more worrying about whether or not the project that you’re working on is really the best thing to be focused on right now. No more procrastinating and then rushing to meet deadlines for your major clients. Just complete confidence that the right work will get done on time whether or not you’re in the office.

That’s just the start.

Increasing your company’s productivity will give you perhaps the single biggest return on investment with the most immediate impact of any option that you have for improving your business. Growing your productivity by just 5% can easily add over 15% or more to your turnover.

Take a look at some selected client results:

  • Added over $100,000 to the bottom line of a small Canadian retail company in 12 months. At least $50,000 is repeatable year-on-year.
  • Grew a service company’s monthly revenue by 163% inside four weeks with an immediate ROI of 122%. That’s without the need for any extra time. After just six months annual turnover was up over 67% on the previous year.

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